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DidYouKnow that airbags for ship launching are often mixed up with Pneumatic Fenders?

Did You Know that airbags for ship launching are often mixed up with Pneumatic Fenders? Airbags are used for ship launching operations and thus serve a totally different purpose than Pneumatic Fenders. Pneumatic Fenders protect berth structures and vessels, especially during ship-to-ship operations. The quality and the performance of every single one of them is of utmost importance. Airbags assist to safely launch a vessel and they work in their entirety which is reflected in lower quality requirements and a simpler manufacturing method. The manufacturing method of airbags cannot be compared to the one of Pneumatic Fenders.


Inflatable ball introduction:

Inflatable rubber fender (also called ball) is a kind of mooring buffer and protective ship supplies, which is widely used in ships, offshore facilities, offshore platforms, ports, docks, yachts and other fields. Inflatable rubber ball is more practical than general rubber fender, and it is economical, so it is very popular.
The inflatable fender is a rubber airtight container made of hanging gluing cloth as a skeleton material. The fender and the ball can float on the water after being filled with compressed air. They are important for ship-to-ship berthing and ship-to-wharf Buffer medium. At the same time, the pneumatic fender can absorb the impact energy of the ship's movement, reduce the ship's recoil, and greatly improve the safety of the ship's docking.
The inflatable fender (by the ball) uses air as the medium and uses compressed air to absorb impact energy, making the ship flexible when docking, so as to achieve the effect of collision and collision avoidance. Inflatable fenders (by ball) have been widely used in tankers, container ships, engineering ships, ocean fishing vessels, offshore platforms, large docks, military ports, large bridge piers and other types of ships and offshore platforms.

Post time: Apr-22-2021